written by Cullen Webb

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“The Passion Promise”


“The Prophecy Promise”


Top Christian Videos on YouTube

I looked for a list of top Christian Videos on Youtube, and found none. So I decided that I would create one here. Please note that I have not included the above videos by Nation Pains because that would be biased.

I have arranged the videos by category then by order of submission.  If you know of a video that I missed that would be a useful addition please go to the Contact Us page and email me the link!

Also, a few of the videos are from This is because the original submission was from there or because I could not find it on Youtube.

Sermon Shorts:

Louie Giglio – Laminin

A Call to Wonder – Paul Washer

No Mr. President – John Piper

Challenge by Mark Cahill

Shocking Youth Message – Paul Washer

Jesus Died! – Paul Washer

Inspiration Shorts:

Something to keep us thinking

Smart – Igniter Media

One Nation Under God

Our Judeo Christian Nation

It will cost you everyting

My redeemer lives – Team Hoyt

Skit / Drama:

Jedi Pastor

Everything Skit


Muslim Demographics



The Revival Hymn

The Few

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