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17th March
written by Cullen Webb

I was looking for a list of good Christian videos on Youtube, and to my surprise there are none.

So with your help I want to create one. Send me the link to the favorite(s) of your choice and I will consider adding it to the list. Any type of Christian video is an option. Whether it is a sermon, compilation, inspirational or humorous.

I have also asked the people over at Sermon Index and a few other forums for help with this subject.

Until the list comes together, here’s a video that inspired my first video and was a huge challenge to my life:

16th August
written by Cullen Webb


Just this morning I had the opportunity to speak to my congregation. Of course I was scared to death, but with God given courage I made it through.

I was shocked however to hear that I had only spoken for 13 minutes. Quite the quick sermon huh?
Something I should work on next time. I thought for sure this was going to be a longer one.

Oh well.
What I am worried about right now is that “The Passion Promise” has vanished for Tangle. Without any explanation. I emailed them to hopefuly get an answer. There were allot of views and comments I would hate to lose.

It has happened before though. We will see what happens.

Maybe it is supposed to be setting the stage for the next video?
“The Prophecy Promise” will be released October 1st. It is a christmas video, and dispite the title, it has no prophetic speakers. You will see what I mean.

Thank you for your prayers everyone! They help and aweful lot.

-Cullen Webb

16th March
written by Cullen Webb

Listed on our home page and available on Also, our video page will now keep a complete list of all NationPains videos and links to download.

If you would like to download “The Passion Promise”, click here.

I was shocked by the response to this video. I expected it to be a hobby video of mine and no more. I had no idea there would be an interest in public display.