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3rd March
written by Cullen Webb

Well, I was arguing with myself whether or not I should post this.

On one hand, I love Star Wars and get excited about anything that has something to do with it. On the other hand, it’s cheesy. Well, I’m going to post it anyway. Because I know it will bring at least a little laughter out of some of you.

There is a contest created by Star Wars fans every year called the LCC (Light-saber choreography contest,) in which fans may upload their homemade light saber duel and be judged. In the previous contest a young man created one with a gospel message, and was awarded 4th place.

He has created another one. It’s being called the Jedi Pastor.

“The Conflict Within,” their first video, can be viewed here:

Are you not glad you watched that?
-Cullen Webb