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20th March
written by Cullen Webb

We just got back from a Prayer Summit. When I was told that Richard Owen Roberts was going to be the speaker, my initial thought was “who’s that?” followed by “I wonder how well he will speak.”

I am far too judgmental in my nature. So whenever I hear of an elderly man who is going to preach, I brace myself. For too many times they have lost their first love, and go after things they would prefer to keep out of the church.

But when Roberts spoke it became very clear, very quickly, that his first love was pale when compared to his current love. That his passion was not the music in the church, the dress in the church, or any other cosmetic issue. He shared with us his burden for the lack of holiness. The lack of prayer. The lack of passion.

He revealed to me so many scriptural truths in such a short time that my mind is spinning. I have not been this excited in such a long time.

I have yet to chew on the cud of this weekend, but I don’t think I will find anything disagreeable with what he taught. I have been challenged and changed.

-Cullen Webb