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17th May
written by Cullen Webb

Missed me?

I haven’t forgotten about this blog.  There are, however, things going on right now that have been consuming  most of my time.  I am desperate to get back to writing often, as I enjoy and benefit from it very much.

It’s easy to write about yourself (you don’t have to research), so I want to simply post about the past month or so of my life.

What have you been doing?

In no particular order:

  1. Preparing for and taking the GED
  2. Developing mobile applications
  3. Helping my brother renovate his home
  4. Ebay (’nuff said)
  5. Easter
  6. Reading books:
    a. Teaching to change lives
    b. Mere Christianity
    c. Radical
    d. Dracula (I actually enjoyed it)
    e.  A few others that slip my mind
  7. In addition the the books above, I’m writing a review of “Love Wins” by Rob Bell
  8. David Wilkerson’s memorial service in New York
  9. Birthdays
  10. A few more things that also slip my mind.

What do you plan on doing?

  1. College – Calvary Chapel – Read their Doctrinal Statements.  It’s like a sermon.
  2. Work – God willing, a church or ministry.  Although I’m too young to be closing any doors.
  3. Maintain certain hobbies – This blog, video editing, etc…
  4. Becoming a righteous and godly man, raising a godly family, doing godly things :)

I don’t think I’ve ever used a smiley before in a post…

Anyway.  I want to state that this blog has been a huge source of my growth in recent years.  It has enabled me to express myself, research various topics, and train my typing fingers to write clearly.  Things that are going to be essential.

If you have made it this far you probably know more about me than I do.  Thanks for being a reader.

-Cullen Webb


5th April
written by Cullen Webb

Okay, my last post wasn’t very clear. I’m gonna have to re-write it just as soon as it isn’t 11:00 at night.

I guess it’s a lot easier to write about something you dislike or hate than it is to write about something you do like. It’s like explaining why you hate vanilla ice-cream compared to explaining why you like Blue Moon ice-cream.

And I still haven’t responded to Albert yet. Sorry dude. The 11:00 thing is keeping me from that right now.

My family is leaving at 7:00 in the morning to go work on our new home. Our house sold a few weeks ago, and we’ve been busy getting the place at our grandmas ready to move in. So a bunch of guys from the youth-group will be getting up at an un-natural time to help us out.

I’m sure you don’t want to hear a bunch of random nonsense from a random guy who lives a random life.
So here is a video that I found refreshing.

God bless, and please forgive my grumpiness,
Cullen Webb

21st March
written by Cullen Webb


No, that’s not a date in history. That is the number of sermons I will have listened to by my 18th birthday this September. Not including revivals, campgrounds, or any other sermon aside from Sundays and Wednesdays.

That is too many sermons for the little work I have done for the Kingdom. Thousands of hours spent in worship and meditation, and yet not one single soul saved because I was willing to share the gospel of Christ.


It is time I put to death my fear, buried my pride, and carried my cross.

15th March
written by Cullen Webb

I am at my youth pastors home right now. Me and my brother were asked to house sit for him while he and Lish went to Grandmas to visit.

However, he is here with us right now. Heheh. He came home early for a meeting or something like that.

I love house sitting. Kinda of a like a preview of future life. You get a place of your own without having to pay the bills, do the home improvement, or anything like that. Its simply the good things about it. It’s probably an unhealthy illusion.

I think I’m going to post about manhood sometime. But then again I am not one with experience or too much wisdom on the subject.

I’ll think about it.

Goodnight people.
-Cullen Webb

24th January
written by Cullen Webb

Wow. I don’t think I’ve gone this long without a post before.

But I have good news! My laptop has arrived and I am revved and ready. I am probably going to break the time/space continuum somewhere by uploading a photo of my laptop with my laptop…but oh well.

I have been so blessed by all of you who have made donations. This would not have been possible without you.

Needless to say, the next video is underway. I am very excited about it, but as always God has a final say in its production. So I have no idea what it will end up like.

I have so many issues I want to write about. Universalism, Feminism, Jehovah Witness’, No-Smoking laws, etc… But I’m simply going to share with you a video I found moving.

This way I can catch you off guard on controversial issues. *chuckle*

Thanks everybody for reading. It means a lot.
-Cullen Webb

13th November
written by Cullen Webb

My entire family is pretty much sick. We’ve been huddled in our house keeping a fire going, and trying not to sneeze or cough on each other.
It started with my younger brothers, then my younger sister, and then my mother. Now me.
Little Sam has it the worst. He is running a 104 tempature. He was taken to the doctor who told us we all probably have swine flu. Heheh.

Okay, here’s the thing. What is the big deal about swine flu? I mean, I thought it was an exageration before I had it, and now that I do I think even less of it. I feel like I have a simple cold. Only a doctor could tell the difference.

End of the world? Whatever.

-Cullen Webb

23rd October
written by Cullen Webb

I cannot describe to people how much I hate being in skits. Oh the agony. I must learn how to say no sometime soon.

*insert manly screaming noise here*

Anyways, my home is empty. My 2 older sibling have more or less moved out, one is married and the other will be in a matter of days.

We are only missing 2 people, but the house seams to be vacant. Maybe the youngers have simply stopped screaming? I dunno.

A very short while before I have that laptop. I have so many plans for the next few months that wouldn’t be possible without it. The previous 2 videos were developed on my poor older Sisters laptop, among other computers.I think for a period I used it more than her.

I have been unable to think about what to post on recently though. It seams as though the major issues right now are all political. Nobel peace prize, health care, Iraq war, Presidents BBQ, and who can keep track of the rest? *sigh*

I got a bud in Iraq right now who is on his way out. He’ll be in Germany for a very long time, so it’s still awhile before he is home home. But he can be here for Christmas.

Still worries about my future job/ministry floating around in my head. Every once in a while they grab hold of the reins and guide my thoughts. Bad thing.

Debating with people over the morality of Atheism. Apparently I am not allowed to use evolution as an example, because they assume I am saying all evolutionists are atheists, or vice verse. Good grief.

Maybe I’ll post a debate soon about evolution co-existing with theism? Or more specifically, Christianity. These things all seam so impossible to me. Yet there are dozens of people on these forums who have somehow made peace with the idea.

I hate olives.

-Cullen Webb

18th September
written by Cullen Webb

There is a Prayer Summit coming up. It’s the 26th of this month.

I have been asked to speak there, and of course I am terrified. Maybe some day I will get over it. Maybe I won’t.
Either way I have to get ready, starting with this weekend.

It seams as though all of the speakers have been asked to use a subject concerning “Eternity.” That’s a tricky subject.

I have never been to or experienced eternity. I’ve not even been alive for 2 decades. *sigh*
Thankfully what I am speaking on has nothing to do with eternity itself.

I wanted to post another video today, but decided I have too many on the front page already. Maybe next time.


5th September
written by Cullen Webb

One year ago this blog was launched. Wow.
It is very convenient that it was born very near my birthday.

A lot has happened in a year. To this blog and to me both. I have never been so busy in my life. Trying to make a tiny living, while I prepare for full time ministry. Planning videos, without a laptop (soon to change). *sigh*
I am worn out. Emotionaly and Spiritualy. And now that my family spent the weekend at Kings Island, physically as well.

I have been doing a very good job at keeping my birthday from my friends in the youth group. Why am I doing so? I don’t know. It started out as a little game of secrecy, but now it has become a huge conspiracy. I have my family throwing a party and telling dates and such. However a few in the youth group know the real month somehow.

So if you are in my youth group and reading this, I have something to tell you:
Im winning.

I have alot planned for the next year. A video to be released in October, and many more waiting at the tip of my brain to be developed. Good grief, I need to buy that laptop soon.

Thank you so for being a reader,
                                                                  Cullen Webb

6th July
written by Cullen Webb

Man alive. Things have been crazy.

Just got home from higgins lake a few days ago. That was fun. Looking forward to the youth group trip.

My family has no internet right now, so posts and updates are going to be slow. Then I am leaving for 2 weeks on Friday, so there wont be any for awhile.

I want to post something about Michael Jackson before I leave. But that is gonna be a dousy, and I had better not rush it.

The new video is finished, I just need to figure out how I am going to release it to you wonderful people.

I have to speak in August. Twice. Maybe even three times. But nobody is giving me details. Great.

So yeah. Talk to you later.