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16th March
written by Cullen Webb

I was greatly convicted by this sermon of Paul Washer’s.  It motivated me to change things in my life that are “trifle” and a waste of time.

It has some strong words for men and Christians.


May God bless and challenge,

27th May
written by Cullen Webb

I am on the brink of graduation. And although I will be an adult by default, I do not feel in the least bit like a man.

I realize that this may be simply because I know so little about what it means to be a man. But I cannot help but feel as though I have fallen behind in where I am supposed to be. There is so much that I never considered about “growing up.” Responsibility has a lot more to it than “do and don’t do”, or feeding Spot the family dog.

I am overwhelmed by who I am, where I am going and who I should be. I wish there was a big red “surrender” button that I could press and give God absolute control over my every thought, action and motive. In this way would I know what to do. But God has left it up to us, and this scares the living daylights out of me.

There is no “do over,” no spell check, no second chances. I have but one life, and the weight of its value is something I cannot comprehend.

Good thing there’s a manual God gave us.

Well, here’s a video that is supposed to be about dating. But my Youth group has been going through it and it appears to be more about manhood.

God bless you,
Cullen Webb