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9th August
written by Cullen Webb

What. The. Heck.
I read the following on a church website:


The New Church, based on the Old and New Testaments, and the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, teaches how Jesus saves, consistent with our knowledge of a loving God.
God desires for us all to go to heaven. He doesn’t judge us, or condemn evildoers to hell. Those who choose evil condemn themselves to hell by choosing to withdraw from the Lord’s love and mercy. The Lord God Jesus Christ saved us by showing us how to live our lives. His entire life on earth was about overcoming evils and temptations, and his death was the conclusion of that struggle. Just as we are faced with evils and temptations in our lives, Jesus struggled against those same temptations as a human. In overcoming them, He taught us the way to live.
We are saved when we open ourselves to the Lord and his love, and draw nearer to the Lord; and we do that by living our lives loving him. What does that mean? It means obeying his commandments (avoiding evil), being of use and loving others. We may have been taught that believing in the Lord is enough to save. But belief (or faith) without actively living that faith is not truly believing. Certainly, we cannot earn our way to heaven by our works. But we only truly believe or have faith when we actively work to do God’s will. Love (or charity) must be united with faith in order for either to be real.

Jesus saved us, not through his death, but through his life. He overcame evil and restored a sense of balance in the world, leaving us in freedom to choose good or evil. He taught us how we should live our lives; in fact he showed us how to do it. It is only by so doing that we can be truly happy. When we die, we continue to make these choices, which determines whether we live in heaven loving God and doing his will, or turn away from him to hell. Jesus set the stage so that we are free to choose. We must do our part to choose good, which will draw us closer to the Divine. This is how Jesus saves.


I highlighted the special parts.

Not a word of repentance. Not a word of Righteousness. Not a single word from scripture. How dare they.

To say that we are saved by Christ’s life, not his death, is pure ignorance. Pure Blasphemy.
To say God does not send sinners to Hell, is equally so.

Christ was the Lamb SENT to be slain. He came die, not live.

There seams to be a huge misconception about Hell. Let me tell you something:
Heaven is heaven because God is there.
Hell is hell because God is there.

People think Hell is total absence of God, when in reality, it is a place for him to literaly torment for all eternity. Satan is not in control, and the fire comes straight from God almighty.

I may sound like a religious fruit cake. but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Show me a single scripture verse about Gods love, and I will show you ten about his wrath. Jesus Christ spoke more about hell than he did about heaven.

He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.
(John 3:36)

See it for yourself:

Contact the church, let them know what you think. But please be respectful.
This website is the perfect picture of the apostasy.