29th September
written by Cullen Webb

The Prayer Summit was awesome!
Spending time with our pastors and worship team was a lot of fun. And when I spoke it lasted an amazing 23 minutes.
Looking forward to the next one. There are not many things worth going to above a prayer meeting.

The video was released to the subscribers of Nation Pains a couple days ago. In 2 more days it will be made public.

The laptop fund is complete. A huge thank-you to WoodyC, my brother Josh and sister in law Manda, and of course to my parants.  DrewP and a few others will help me pick out a good one. Whoever thought Toshiba vs. Dell vs. HP vs. Gateway was such an issue? *sigh*

I get to be in a play Saturday. Hopefuly by then my brain will stop leaking out of my nose. Oh how I hate being sick.
People may argue that illness is a sign of how “poorly designed” the human body is. But I don’t even want to think about what would happen to us if our nose didn’t run, our muscles didn’t ache, or etc.

God is good, Amen?

5th September
written by Cullen Webb

One year ago this blog was launched. Wow.
It is very convenient that it was born very near my birthday.

A lot has happened in a year. To this blog and to me both. I have never been so busy in my life. Trying to make a tiny living, while I prepare for full time ministry. Planning videos, without a laptop (soon to change). *sigh*
I am worn out. Emotionaly and Spiritualy. And now that my family spent the weekend at Kings Island, physically as well.

I have been doing a very good job at keeping my birthday from my friends in the youth group. Why am I doing so? I don’t know. It started out as a little game of secrecy, but now it has become a huge conspiracy. I have my family throwing a party and telling dates and such. However a few in the youth group know the real month somehow.

So if you are in my youth group and reading this, I have something to tell you:
Im winning.

I have alot planned for the next year. A video to be released in October, and many more waiting at the tip of my brain to be developed. Good grief, I need to buy that laptop soon.

Thank you so for being a reader,
                                                                  Cullen Webb

16th August
written by Cullen Webb


Just this morning I had the opportunity to speak to my congregation. Of course I was scared to death, but with God given courage I made it through.

I was shocked however to hear that I had only spoken for 13 minutes. Quite the quick sermon huh?
Something I should work on next time. I thought for sure this was going to be a longer one.

Oh well.
What I am worried about right now is that “The Passion Promise” has vanished for Tangle. Without any explanation. I emailed them to hopefuly get an answer. There were allot of views and comments I would hate to lose.

It has happened before though. We will see what happens.

Maybe it is supposed to be setting the stage for the next video?
“The Prophecy Promise” will be released October 1st. It is a christmas video, and dispite the title, it has no prophetic speakers. You will see what I mean.

Thank you for your prayers everyone! They help and aweful lot.

-Cullen Webb