Random Life

17th May
written by Cullen Webb

Missed me?

I haven’t forgotten about this blog.  There are, however, things going on right now that have been consuming  most of my time.  I am desperate to get back to writing often, as I enjoy and benefit from it very much.

It’s easy to write about yourself (you don’t have to research), so I want to simply post about the past month or so of my life.

What have you been doing?

In no particular order:

  1. Preparing for and taking the GED
  2. Developing mobile applications
  3. Helping my brother renovate his home
  4. Ebay (’nuff said)
  5. Easter
  6. Reading books:
    a. Teaching to change lives
    b. Mere Christianity
    c. Radical
    d. Dracula (I actually enjoyed it)
    e.  A few others that slip my mind
  7. In addition the the books above, I’m writing a review of “Love Wins” by Rob Bell
  8. David Wilkerson’s memorial service in New York
  9. Birthdays
  10. A few more things that also slip my mind.

What do you plan on doing?

  1. College – Calvary Chapel – Read their Doctrinal Statements.  It’s like a sermon.
  2. Work – God willing, a church or ministry.  Although I’m too young to be closing any doors.
  3. Maintain certain hobbies – This blog, video editing, etc…
  4. Becoming a righteous and godly man, raising a godly family, doing godly things :)

I don’t think I’ve ever used a smiley before in a post…

Anyway.  I want to state that this blog has been a huge source of my growth in recent years.  It has enabled me to express myself, research various topics, and train my typing fingers to write clearly.  Things that are going to be essential.

If you have made it this far you probably know more about me than I do.  Thanks for being a reader.

-Cullen Webb


10th September
written by Cullen Webb

Just because I’m late doesn’t mean we can’t cut the virtual cake!

I am an official adult now. 18 years old. It is an odd thing having watched my Brother and Sister go through this before me.

Anyways, Happy birthday everyone!

2 good years. A lot has happened. I’m starting college soon, we have a new President, the Hadron Collider failed, and the wheel was invented. What a busy 2 years.

Thanks for reading!
-Cullen Webb (The adult one)

16th August
written by Cullen Webb

Anyone else tired of watching the world go down hill?

I wish I knew what to do about it. I can post all day long about why it’s wrong, but God’s already done that. It’s called a conscience. So if man is able to ignore God, surely they are able to ignore me.

I know that in the end days evil will abound. But where is the Holy Spirit? Isn’t that supposed to be overflowing as well?

Perhaps I know why it hasn’t been overflowing in my life. Or this country. In my video, The Passion Promise, Paris Reidhead is quoted saying “…are you using God as an end or a means?” I, for one, have been using Him as a means to my own end. I’ve been so distant from Him, because He hasn’t been anything more to me than a way to fix my life or this country. Maybe a little more. But not enough.

Even writing this out, I noticed that I called the Holy Spirit an it. I don’t think He likes that.
I’ve even started to write sermons based upon what I think the people need, and not what God wants.

There are so many people in this world, myself included, who are capable of declaring war on sin, evil, and the flesh. But instead of using the immense power given to us by God we raise our white flags almost proudly declaring peace with a world that hates Christ. Not for God’s sake, obviously, but for our own selfish desires and ambition.

Who are we that we should even consider our own fate when there are thousands of souls, within and without the church, over whom the Lord weeps?  They will spend an eternity in Hell because I wont spend a minute in surrender sharing the gospel. Shame on me. I deserve a fate worse than theirs.

Who are we that we think we have the right to a comfortable life? We rub the name of Jesus Christ in the mud. He denied comfort and chose instead the most gruesome way to die after living a most humble lifestyle. There are 159,000 Christian slain every year, and I distance myself from them.

Who are we to call ourselves Christians? We use the word so flippantly. I don’t have the right to the word any more than I could call myself a U.S. Marine.

Perhaps nobody does. At least I see that now.

-Cullen Webb
Soldier in Training

12th July
written by Cullen Webb

Hello Readers.

I wanted to offer an explanation for my disappearance lately. Not an apology, mind you, because all of the reasons are good ones.

My family made the decision to sell our home and move back to the home-stead with our Grandma. This required two very difficult projects: 1) Prepare, list and sell our home. 2) Renovate the soon-to-be home.

We began on the second almost immediately. Spending most free weekdays driving an hour and a half to work on a 60-year old house. It has been rented by a wide variety of people, so it has seen more than most.

We then prepared our home. This took some work as well, as we are very good at stacking untold amounts of keep-sakes in places like our attic and garage. But with not a little elbow grease, we listed it for-sale-by-owner.

My mother has a knack for selling houses. It only took 2 weeks or so to get a serious offer. My Father accepted.

At this point in time we were not ready to move. The house we planned to move into was still a box with saw-dust inside. But both my parents thought they were being led to accept. So we did.

God is a creative guy, in case you haven’t been outside lately. He can make birds fly, fish breath underwater, and delay bank loans so families can renovate in time. It took over a month for the buyers loan to be approved. Which was both sweet and sour. We were fearful that it would not go through at all, and we were grateful that we were given extra time.

Now, the house is a beautiful country home that few would turn down. I love it. I want to post before and after pictures for all of you to see.

So now you have a glimpse of my schedule over the past few months. If you take the above and throw in softball, bible study, camp meeting, graduation, skate night, skeet shoot, trips to Canada, and various other things, you’ve nailed it right on the head.

So thanks a ton for your patience. I love to write, whether I’m good at it or not, so don’t think I don’t have plans for Nation Pains.

With tired fingers,
Cullen Webb

27th May
written by Cullen Webb

I am on the brink of graduation. And although I will be an adult by default, I do not feel in the least bit like a man.

I realize that this may be simply because I know so little about what it means to be a man. But I cannot help but feel as though I have fallen behind in where I am supposed to be. There is so much that I never considered about “growing up.” Responsibility has a lot more to it than “do and don’t do”, or feeding Spot the family dog.

I am overwhelmed by who I am, where I am going and who I should be. I wish there was a big red “surrender” button that I could press and give God absolute control over my every thought, action and motive. In this way would I know what to do. But God has left it up to us, and this scares the living daylights out of me.

There is no “do over,” no spell check, no second chances. I have but one life, and the weight of its value is something I cannot comprehend.

Good thing there’s a manual God gave us.

Well, here’s a video that is supposed to be about dating. But my Youth group has been going through it and it appears to be more about manhood.

God bless you,
Cullen Webb

23rd May
written by Cullen Webb

Before I say anything, I want you to realize that this is the very first time my name has found its way into the title. Weird.

Anyways. I am very sorry for not writing on here for so long. It’s not that I don’t want to, or am unable to, but because my laptop is getting a tune up and I don’t know when I will get it back.

Oh, and while we are on that subject, don’t EVER interrupt a Windows update. Even if you have multiple programs running at the same time and your dad wants to use your laptop  to write a sermon.
*cough*Good thing I didn’t do that. *cough*

I can’t wait to start writing again. Many good ideas.

Thanks for reading and putting up with a procrastinator like myself.
-Cullen Webb

5th April
written by Cullen Webb

Okay, my last post wasn’t very clear. I’m gonna have to re-write it just as soon as it isn’t 11:00 at night.

I guess it’s a lot easier to write about something you dislike or hate than it is to write about something you do like. It’s like explaining why you hate vanilla ice-cream compared to explaining why you like Blue Moon ice-cream.

And I still haven’t responded to Albert yet. Sorry dude. The 11:00 thing is keeping me from that right now.

My family is leaving at 7:00 in the morning to go work on our new home. Our house sold a few weeks ago, and we’ve been busy getting the place at our grandmas ready to move in. So a bunch of guys from the youth-group will be getting up at an un-natural time to help us out.

I’m sure you don’t want to hear a bunch of random nonsense from a random guy who lives a random life.
So here is a video that I found refreshing.

God bless, and please forgive my grumpiness,
Cullen Webb

21st March
written by Cullen Webb


No, that’s not a date in history. That is the number of sermons I will have listened to by my 18th birthday this September. Not including revivals, campgrounds, or any other sermon aside from Sundays and Wednesdays.

That is too many sermons for the little work I have done for the Kingdom. Thousands of hours spent in worship and meditation, and yet not one single soul saved because I was willing to share the gospel of Christ.


It is time I put to death my fear, buried my pride, and carried my cross.

20th March
written by Cullen Webb

We just got back from a Prayer Summit. When I was told that Richard Owen Roberts was going to be the speaker, my initial thought was “who’s that?” followed by “I wonder how well he will speak.”

I am far too judgmental in my nature. So whenever I hear of an elderly man who is going to preach, I brace myself. For too many times they have lost their first love, and go after things they would prefer to keep out of the church.

But when Roberts spoke it became very clear, very quickly, that his first love was pale when compared to his current love. That his passion was not the music in the church, the dress in the church, or any other cosmetic issue. He shared with us his burden for the lack of holiness. The lack of prayer. The lack of passion.

He revealed to me so many scriptural truths in such a short time that my mind is spinning. I have not been this excited in such a long time.

I have yet to chew on the cud of this weekend, but I don’t think I will find anything disagreeable with what he taught. I have been challenged and changed.

-Cullen Webb

15th March
written by Cullen Webb

I am at my youth pastors home right now. Me and my brother were asked to house sit for him while he and Lish went to Grandmas to visit.

However, he is here with us right now. Heheh. He came home early for a meeting or something like that.

I love house sitting. Kinda of a like a preview of future life. You get a place of your own without having to pay the bills, do the home improvement, or anything like that. Its simply the good things about it. It’s probably an unhealthy illusion.

I think I’m going to post about manhood sometime. But then again I am not one with experience or too much wisdom on the subject.

I’ll think about it.

Goodnight people.
-Cullen Webb