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3rd November
written by Cullen Webb


Ray comfort is confronting Abortion, using logic and common morals to do so.  This is a powerful video to watch no matter what group you reside in.  If you are pro-life you will learn apologetic truth to use to defend your stance.  If you are pro-”choice”, you will learn a lot about why we don’t agree with you.

I learned how to share my faith from Ray Comfort.  It was his “Hells best kept secret”  that taught me the importance of evangelism, and our call to do so.  If you haven’t read his books, I highly encourage you to do so.

Although he is Calvinist he is very polite and never ever brings it up.  I read 3 of his books and still didn’t know anything about his Calvinist views until somebody close to him told me.  So, don’t let his doctrine distract you from the truth.

Thanks for watching.
-Cullen Webb


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  • Jared Ninemire

    (I found out I can log in with Google!)

    Great video. Although I have thought about a situation where abortion would be acceptable. Say a woman is raped, and if she goes through with the pregnancy she WILL die. That’s something completely different, someone will die no matter what and would take some serious thought on the mother’s part.

    • Cullen Webb

      Yeah, but Ray had an excellent point.  Murder is worse than rape, and you can’t solve rape with murder.  

      Also, choosing who will die is something humans shouldn’t be allowed to do.Rape and incest account for less than 2% of abortions.

  • Jared Ninemire

    Also I definitely would have taken the shot at Hitler. Not when he was a baby though, you can’t punish someone for something they haven’t even given thought to doing.

    • Cullen Webb

      Same here.  Hitler would still need to make his choices.  Besides, if you knew what he was capable of then training his brilliant mind for good would be much better than a bullet.

  • Lauren-Mae Cook

    Oh really? I didn’t know Ray Comfort was a Calvinist.

  • Michael Wedding

    I don’t remember which “talk show” it was, but I remember years ago watching this show where women who had been raped chose to keep the babies vs. have an abortion.  It was a powerful testimony of love and how they couldn’t do that to the child (have an abortion though raped).    I remember even one mother saying how the child, turning into a teenager looked just like her rapist….often reminding her of the rape.   Can you imagine dealing with that daily?   If I recall, most of the children were now at least old enough to know what had happened.   Many mothers shared how hard it was but wouldn’t change it for a second.   The children thought of their mothers as “hereos” and were so thankful for having them.   It was and is a powerful testimony how God can take something as terrible and tragic as something like a “rape” (many women who have been victims refer to it as a “living death/murder”) and turn it into something good….   That’s all I could and can say is “wow”!