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16th August
written by Cullen Webb

Anyone else tired of watching the world go down hill?

I wish I knew what to do about it. I can post all day long about why it’s wrong, but God’s already done that. It’s called a conscience. So if man is able to ignore God, surely they are able to ignore me.

I know that in the end days evil will abound. But where is the Holy Spirit? Isn’t that supposed to be overflowing as well?

Perhaps I know why it hasn’t been overflowing in my life. Or this country. In my video, The Passion Promise, Paris Reidhead is quoted saying “…are you using God as an end or a means?” I, for one, have been using Him as a means to my own end. I’ve been so distant from Him, because He hasn’t been anything more to me than a way to fix my life or this country. Maybe a little more. But not enough.

Even writing this out, I noticed that I called the Holy Spirit an it. I don’t think He likes that.
I’ve even started to write sermons based upon what I think the people need, and not what God wants.

There are so many people in this world, myself included, who are capable of declaring war on sin, evil, and the flesh. But instead of using the immense power given to us by God we raise our white flags almost proudly declaring peace with a world that hates Christ. Not for God’s sake, obviously, but for our own selfish desires and ambition.

Who are we that we should even consider our own fate when there are thousands of souls, within and without the church, over whom the Lord weeps?  They will spend an eternity in Hell because I wont spend a minute in surrender sharing the gospel. Shame on me. I deserve a fate worse than theirs.

Who are we that we think we have the right to a comfortable life? We rub the name of Jesus Christ in the mud. He denied comfort and chose instead the most gruesome way to die after living a most humble lifestyle. There are 159,000 Christian slain every year, and I distance myself from them.

Who are we to call ourselves Christians? We use the word so flippantly. I don’t have the right to the word any more than I could call myself a U.S. Marine.

Perhaps nobody does. At least I see that now.

-Cullen Webb
Soldier in Training


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  • Locomotivebuff

    My dear brother in Christ, what you are feeling, going through, is only natural. Doubting, disillusionment, sadness, and all other such things are consequences of our sin. Even John the Baptist doubted who Christ was, yet Christ did not rebuke him, but comforted him. It is our human nature which causes us to think such things, and to a lesser extent, diabolical. The Devil just loves these kinds of emotions, and it is like nectar to him when it comes from Christians especially. Do not give up hope, my friend, for our hope is in Him who was crucified, buried, and raised triumphantly! I’ll not say that this world is nothing to be sad over; I pray earnestly for my nation and the world with tears every night, but God has promised good to us, if not now, then in the hereafter. I always say that a little bit of trial and suffering makes the victory sweeter. After all, are we not more joyous over rewards we worked for, than rewards that have been given us? Your in my prayers, brother,nnIn Christ,nJosh Sanabria

  • Anonymous

    Hey cullen, you should listen to, (or check out the lyrics to), the song “Make War” by: Tedashii. You’d like it