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12th July
written by Cullen Webb

Hello Readers.

I wanted to offer an explanation for my disappearance lately. Not an apology, mind you, because all of the reasons are good ones.

My family made the decision to sell our home and move back to the home-stead with our Grandma. This required two very difficult projects: 1) Prepare, list and sell our home. 2) Renovate the soon-to-be home.

We began on the second almost immediately. Spending most free weekdays driving an hour and a half to work on a 60-year old house. It has been rented by a wide variety of people, so it has seen more than most.

We then prepared our home. This took some work as well, as we are very good at stacking untold amounts of keep-sakes in places like our attic and garage. But with not a little elbow grease, we listed it for-sale-by-owner.

My mother has a knack for selling houses. It only took 2 weeks or so to get a serious offer. My Father accepted.

At this point in time we were not ready to move. The house we planned to move into was still a box with saw-dust inside. But both my parents thought they were being led to accept. So we did.

God is a creative guy, in case you haven’t been outside lately. He can make birds fly, fish breath underwater, and delay bank loans so families can renovate in time. It took over a month for the buyers loan to be approved. Which was both sweet and sour. We were fearful that it would not go through at all, and we were grateful that we were given extra time.

Now, the house is a beautiful country home that few would turn down. I love it. I want to post before and after pictures for all of you to see.

So now you have a glimpse of my schedule over the past few months. If you take the above and throw in softball, bible study, camp meeting, graduation, skate night, skeet shoot, trips to Canada, and various other things, you’ve nailed it right on the head.

So thanks a ton for your patience. I love to write, whether I’m good at it or not, so don’t think I don’t have plans for Nation Pains.

With tired fingers,
Cullen Webb


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