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24th January
written by Cullen Webb

Wow. I don’t think I’ve gone this long without a post before.

But I have good news! My laptop has arrived and I am revved and ready. I am probably going to break the time/space continuum somewhere by uploading a photo of my laptop with my laptop…but oh well.

I have been so blessed by all of you who have made donations. This would not have been possible without you.

Needless to say, the next video is underway. I am very excited about it, but as always God has a final say in its production. So I have no idea what it will end up like.

I have so many issues I want to write about. Universalism, Feminism, Jehovah Witness’, No-Smoking laws, etc… But I’m simply going to share with you a video I found moving.

This way I can catch you off guard on controversial issues. *chuckle*

Thanks everybody for reading. It means a lot.
-Cullen Webb


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  • Acaspians

    Yay, glad you are back!!!

    • Cullen Webb

      Wow. That was a fast reply…heheh.

  • Cullen Webb

    Wow. That was a fast reply…heheh.