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14th August
written by Cullen Webb

I was on Tangle and I spotted this video. When I started watching it I didn’t expect it to go far, I’ve seen alot of cat videos and I have rarely been impressed.

I was not only impressed with this, but I was blown away.

This seams like a good post for all of you loyal readers. There hasn’t been a light-hearted post in awhile.


                 Cullen Webb


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  • Bethany Armentrout

    that WAS funny !!!!!

  • Woody Crosthwaite

    yep…funny!! it’s good to laugh!

  • elizabeth bowman

    Wow. That’s FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cullen Webb

    I Watched his other video’s. He has some very clever humor.

    I have to say my favorite part was when he put the fly in his mouth.

  • Steveerino

    I want my 2 minutes and 24 seconds back.

  • Cullen Webb

    Heheh. Sorry Steveerino. I don’t do refunds.

  • faithr

    it was clever. definitely not the funniest thing in the world, but the creativity and the originality made it good.