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29th July
written by Cullen Webb

A video posted on Tanlge.
I have always loved space. Watching, reading and learning about it always makes me feel small. When you see just how big things are, you begin to wonder…


22nd July
written by Cullen Webb

I wish I posted this sooner. Oh well.
Michael Jackson, one of the world’s most popular celebrities. He had everything he could ever want, and yet he was miserable.

Reasons why I would never want to be Michael Jackson:

Reason #1 – He was famous
It gets to your head. The reason Michael Jackson had all those opperations done was because of fear. He was afraid he would someday become un-popular.
Even pastors who become well known will become afraid of what people think of him. They become light-weight and watered-down christians who have no foundation, but allot of fans.

Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
( 1 John 2:15)

Reason #2 – He was wealthy
Here is a man who made millions, yet he died in debt. How can somebody become so obsessed with earthly posessions, that a kings ransom is still not enough? I dont understand it. But then again, I am not wealthy.

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
(Matthew 19:24)

Reason #3 – His legacy
To some he is the King of Pop. To most he is a failed parant.
A man who did little with his life but entertain the public, I believe he died a very miserable man. He tried desperately to find happiness, and died because he looked in the wrong places.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
( Mark 8:36)

I’ll come back and iron out the glitches. I’m typing this during VBS.

7th July
written by Cullen Webb

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“People do not believe lies because they have to, but because
they want to.” – Malcolm Muggeridge

“I can say that I never knew what joy was like until I gave up
pursuing happiness, or cared to live until I chose to die. For
these two discoveries I am beholden to Jesus.”
- Malcolm Muggeridge

“Contrary to what might be expected, I look back on experience
that at the  time seemed especially desolating and painful with
particular satisfaction. Indeed, I can say with complete truthfulness
that everything I have learned in my seventy-five years in this world,
everything that has truly enhanced and enlightened my experience,
has been  through affliction and not through happiness, whether
pursued or attained. In other words, if it were ever possible to
eliminate affliction from our earthly existence by means of some
drug or other medical mumbo jumbo…the result would make it too
banal and trivial to be endurable. This, of course is what the cross
signifies. And it is  the Cross that has called me inexorably to
Christ.” – Malcolm Muggeridge

“You cannot tell the truth about people you don’t like, and
therefore the first duty you owe them is silence.”
- Chadwick’s mother

“It is not the sty that makes the pig, but the pig that makes the
sty.” – Chadwick

“Unless we have WITHIN us that which is ABOVE us, we will
eventually yield to that which is AMONG us.” – Unknown

“A man being rich under the gospel, when it is known that his
money can be used for the glory of God and the conversion of
souls, is demonstration absolute, that he loves the world
supremely. To say that he is rich, but does not set his heart upon
riches–that he continues to retain his wealth, and yet does not set
his heart upon it, is manifestly absurd and false. For, certainly,
nothing but a supreme attachment to it could cause him to hold on
to the possession of it, when every wind is loaded down with cries
and beseechings to send the bread of life to those that are ready
to perish.” – Charles Finney

“A preacher who preaches the truth uncompromisingly will be
asked ‘Does your preaching always have to be so pointy? Does it
always have to be so sharp?’ And of course the answer is no. He
can blunt his message if he’d like, and become just as dull as the
average preacher.” – Jesse Morrell

“It is not our business to make the message acceptable, but to
make it available. We are not to see that they like it, but that they
get it.” -Dr. Vance Havner

“A man who spoke little English gave this description of a sermon
he had heard: he said ‘Big wind. Much lightning. Loud thunder. No
rain!’” -Selected-

“A wooden key is not so beautiful as a golden one, but if it can
open the door when the golden one cannot, it is more useful.”
- Martin Luther

“That is the best cat which catches the most mice.” – Martin Luther

“No one can be a good preacher to the people who is not willing to
preach in a manner that seems childish and vulgar to some.”
- Martin Luther

“So preach that those who do not fall out with their sins may fall
out with thee.” – Martin Luther

6th July
written by Cullen Webb


A powerful video concerning our Christian Nation. To see this message spoken by our Goverment officials is moving, and encouraging.

6th July
written by Cullen Webb

Man alive. Things have been crazy.

Just got home from higgins lake a few days ago. That was fun. Looking forward to the youth group trip.

My family has no internet right now, so posts and updates are going to be slow. Then I am leaving for 2 weeks on Friday, so there wont be any for awhile.

I want to post something about Michael Jackson before I leave. But that is gonna be a dousy, and I had better not rush it.

The new video is finished, I just need to figure out how I am going to release it to you wonderful people.

I have to speak in August. Twice. Maybe even three times. But nobody is giving me details. Great.

So yeah. Talk to you later.