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8th June
written by Cullen Webb

Tom Hanks stars in the new movie, Angels & Demons

Tom Hanks stars in the new movie, Angels & Demons

I became very curious when this video was announced. For some odd reason, had it featured on their home page. Of course it was taken off once an uproar started by all the members. Which I am particularly happy about.

Is this a threat? Should the Church take a stand? Of course.
Do I think it is more serious than the Divinci Code? No.
The Divinci Code tried to crumble  solid Christian foundations, and forced itself as pure truth when all it had were myths.
Angels and Demons, is based completely on assumptions. For instance, Science has a chance against Religion. That seams to be the whole theme, Science vs. Religion.

Another assumption, is that any religion is a power hungry, purely evil, 911 type religion. Through the whole thing the only Church you witness or hear about is the Catholic Church, which made it even harder to decide if the movie is a threat. I don’t even agree with the Catholic Church

All in all, dont watch it. Do something better with your time, than to go see a movie that might not possibly be completely anti-Church. They don’t deserve your support.


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  • Jason

    I completely agree. I was surprised as well when tangle showed that advert.

    But then again, they aren’t truly a Christian website any more.. At least I don’t think.. :(

  • Cullen Webb

    I’m worried about tangle. It seams like allot of their videos anymore are pure fluff. I mean common, why would they feature cat videos?

  • luke904

    people, people, people, seriously its just a movie; so what if it questions christianity. if christians are actually threatened by something like this…

    creationist movies come out all the time and you dont see people ***** about them on blogs. why dont you return the favor?

    (edited by Cullen)

  • Cullen Webb

    This is isn’t about creation. But yes, we do see people shooting flak at Creationist video’s and organizations.

    And I see your point. Lets apply this to pornography.
    Its only movies. If young men are actually addicted to this…

    It is a big deal, media plays a huge roll in how people think.
    And watch your language.


    i agree with cullen!!!!why waste yer time on any move thats out now???if its not glorifying God why waste yer time??? like carter conlon says ”run run run”!! we are in a dark day and we need to focus r time on Him!!!this world iz full of lies and deceite!!