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17th May
written by Cullen Webb

Here is a very stirring video on abortion. Its very short, only 3 minutes long.

I am normaly very open to matters that do not agree with my idea of Christianity, or justice. Normaly, I would not make the following statement:

Fellow Christiains, I do not care what you think about abortion. I dont give a wooden nickel for what oppinion you have formed. In all the debates I have ever engaged in concerning abortion, Christians are left powerless at the mention of scripture and will only respond with “Oh, well I think….”
Stop it. If your thoughts have not submitted to Christ as a slave to his master, I do not care about what you are about to say.

If you can only argue about what MAN considers lawful, freedom, moral, and righteous, then you are fallible. A double minded man, and unstable.

Please, if anybody has any case for abortion that comes straight from scripture, share it with me. It does not exist.


I planned on only sharing a few thoughts with you. I guess I’ll have to wait for another post to share them all. Maybe my next video will feature Abortion? But there are so many idea’s going through my mind right now that I could not possibly decide yet on what to do next.



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