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23rd November
written by Cullen Webb

I want to start posting more personal and update type posts. Hence the new word.
I took the word Personalize. I added “ation” to make it a method. I then threw in “ism” to make it sound scary.

I am working on a new video. It resembles Revival Hymn, but with a different message. I have used sermons with Paul Washer, Jim Cymbala, Leonard Ravenhill, Paris Reidhead and a few others. So far I have only created the audio for this video.

Our youth group just hosted a full 24 hours of prayer. About 10-20 youth showed up to pray for specific periods of time in our youth room. Praise and worship, sermons and other videos were played while we prayed over prayer request cards fill out by members of our church.


 Thanks for reading.
-Cullen Webb

9th November
written by Cullen Webb

This blog does not endorse political figures. However, it will respect Authority.

70% of the Christian vote went to Mccain. So when Obama wins, it can create an up-stir in the church. Obama does not support the things Mccain does, and he will support things Mccain wouldn’t.
This does not give the church excuse not to follow or support our new president.

Our president is not a strong president, because he has strong policies. We have a strong president because he has strong people who support him.

We do not have strong people because we have strong education, jobs, or homes. We have strong people because we have a strong God.

Do not hide in your bunkers, and brace for the next four years. Rather, remember to lift this man up in his coming tasks. He will need it desperately.

Remember, God can turn the hearts of the king wither-so-ever he wills. When it comes down to moral issues, pray all the harder. God can lead in the coming years too.

~Cullen Webb

2nd November
written by Cullen Webb

I pose two questions:

1. Should Christians be allowed to drink, even responsibly?

2. Should Alcohol or cigarettes be legal?

I have a pretty one track mind on this myself. But by discussing this with friends and
online christian forums, you begin to see that there is allot of question around this issue.

When scripture speaks against drinking wine when it “bites”, people are quick to point out
that Jesus Christ turned water into wine. Didn’t he? And what about the advice Timothy was given,
to drink a few sips of wine, when he was ill?

My reasoning is as follows:

Did Jesus really turn water into wine?
Yes and No. You see, wine to the Jew was very different to wine today. They would take grape juice (juice has been the actual Hebrew and Greek word used for wine in the bible) and then boil it down. After doing this they would have a thick grape syrup that could be stored in jars. Whenever the need arose, they would add water to this mixture, and drink. This process prevents the juice from ever fermenting.

What about scripture that leads dying men and women to drink?
(Proverbs 31:6)
I do not have clear enough opinion on this. It says to give it unto them who are ready to perish. So does that mean it is for medical use? Like with Timothy? Or that those who are willing to perish drink? Same with those that have heavy hearts.

I cant get away from this fact. Narcotics are:
1. Addictive
2. Expensive
3. Destructive

Alcohol and cigarettes are:
1. Addictive
2. Expensive
3. Destructive

Why try to justify one or the other? If there was the smallest possible chance, that God would judge you for drinking, would you still drink?