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14th October
written by Cullen Webb

Probably the most misunderstood social life. On one hand you have Christian’s who claim there is no scripture against it, and on the other, the “God hates fags” protesting group.

I want to address them both with scripture.

Dear homosexual haters,

I realize your ambition to remove homosexuality from our country. But by your protests and line of thought, you are in the wrong. You have elevated Sodomy as if it were a worse sin than the others. Which it is not.

Yes, scripture does reveal it as sinful, and an abomination. But what makes you think you are justified, in ignoring the other abominations? You have played favorites. Merely because you have not yet been tempted as they are.  Wake up. We are a polluted Church, and not because of Sodomy. Sodomy is the result of our immorality, not the cause. We have luke-warm Christians, hypocrite pastors, gossiping saints, and alcoholic brethren. We have a bigger problem than just homosexuality.
In the words of Jesus Christ:

Matthew 7:5
“You hypocrite, first cast out the beam in your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the mote out of your brother’s eye.”

Dear Homosexual supporters,

When you are spoken to about your life style, this is your argument:

  1. You were born like this
  2. You have no choice, and cannot “fight it” any more
  3. The scriptures speaking against homosexuality, are irrelevant
  4. Its only another form of “Love”

#1 – I was born like this

I agree. You were. And scripture supports this argument.  We were all born into sin, and each with our own weakness. However this does not excuse you. I was born with my own weakness and temptations. Of which a homosexual does not have. A homosexual is born with weakness’s and temptations I would never have. These were given to us, so we would depend on God.
For example. A rapist may argue he was born with such temptations. Does that make it alright?

#2 I have no choice, I cannot fight it anymore

This is surrender, and untrue. I have spoken with Godly Christian guys who have been tempted with Sodomy. But they see it for what it is, and they refuse to give in.
If you feel you cannot “fight it” anymore, it is only because you have not asked god for help. I promise you, if you try to do this on your own you will fail. Christianity is not a license to be excused from previous sins. But rather, empowering dicipleship to turn away from your sins.

#3 Scriptures that speak against homosexuality, are irrelevant

Really? Well then, we must re-evaluate everything. Maybe salvation is irrelevant to Americans too? Or we should not even obey the law given by Christ, seeing as it was given to the diciples?
Dont go there.

#4 Its another form of “Love”

For everything real, there is a counterfeit. Satan is a lying serpent, and will slip in his formulas here and there, until eventually he has created his own form of Christianity.
Love and Lust are mistaken for each other constantly. Why else would we have such a high divorce rate?
It is an emotional, temporary tool.

Thank you for reading.

-Cullen Webb


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  • Bethany Armentrout

    Very very well written, to both sides; thank you for addressing this topic, and for doing it the manner you did.

  • David

    The statement, “God exists,” is a precisely stated proposition. Thus, it is either true or false. The
    simple fact is, either God exists or He does not. There is no middle ground. One cannot affirm logically
    both the existence and nonexistence of God. The atheist boldly states that God does not exist; the theist
    affirms just as boldly that God does exist; the agnostic laments that there is not enough evidence to make
    a decision on the matter; and the skeptic doubts that God’s existence can be proven with certainty. Who is

    • Cullen Webb

      Hey David. That seams a little off-topic, and your email adress makes me wonder if it's spam. But anyways, here is a topic that i posted on the burden of proof for the Atheist:

  • Cullen Webb

    Hey David. That seams a little off-topic, and your email adress makes me wonder if it's spam. But anyways, here is a topic that i posted on the burden of proof for the Atheist:

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