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23rd September
written by Cullen Webb

Large Hadron Collider.

Im no physicist, but ultimately what they are trying to do is re-create a small big bang.

The equiptment is built over a circumfrence of 16.7 miles (27 kilometers). I cannot imagine the cost of this.  Eight thousand physicists have been on staff to produce this thing. They say that even if it does work, the result will be so small that they have had to create special camera’s and reader’s to catch it.

Others say it will blow up the earth.

Again, I am no physicist of any kind. but I have watched so many other experiments that attempt to prove evolution go under.



 Although the initial projected cost was much lower, they have now come to the conclusion that the Collider will cost 3,080,000,000 CHF. Why did you and I have to pay for this?


It will launch in October , I’ll keep you posted.

17th September
written by Cullen Webb

Welcome to NationPains.
I am so excited about this blog. For some time now I have had the dream, but with no ability. But the past few months have launched this faster than I could have ever imagined.

My passion for this blog is due to the state of our World, Nation, and Church. There are so many things I need to speak out against, but have had no way to do so. So many things to encourage, but without a platform to speak upon. Now that has changed.

I will cover issues regarding immorality, hypocrisy, and corruption.
I will not judge. Any and all issues spoken about will be backed with scripture.
I will not endorse. As much as I would like, I cannot affiliate this blog with any Man or Woman.

A special Thank-you to Drew P. You are a big reason this blog has launched as well as it has. Thanks for your support.

God bless,

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